Frequently Asked Questions



What is the tour like?

The  tour is self-paced, and homes may be visited in any order during the  two-day event but cannot be revisited.  At each home you will be greeted  by volunteers who will tell you about the architecture and details of  the property.

​What should I wear?  

Dress  accordingly for winter weather, as you may experience lines at some  locations.  Flat, comfortable, easy to slip-on shoes are recommended as  you will be asked to take off your shoes or put on shoe covers when  entering each home.

Does the tour provide for people with disabilities?
​The tour takes place in private residences rather than public space.  Therefore, the tour is not handicapped accessible. 

Are children allowed on the tour?
The  tour is designed to provide an engaging experience for adults.   Well-supervised children are welcome, but they must have individually  purchased tickets.  Because of the risk to private property, strollers  and backpacks for children are not allowed inside the residences.

What general restrictions apply?

  • No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed inside the properties.
  • Please do not sit, lean on, or touch the furnishings, decor, and walls.
  • Cell  phone calls distract other guests and take away from the ambience of  the tour. Please silence all mobile devices before entering a  residence. 
  • No pictures or videotaping are permitted inside the homes.
  • ​No pets are allowed to enter the residences.

Are restrooms available?

Restrooms  are not available in private residences.  Public facilities are  available at the Arts and Heritage Center, which will be open during the  tour hours.

Refund policy:

The tour will take place rain or shine.  Tickets are non-refundable.